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we , a professional supplier of glassware , handle the exportation of all kinds of glass
products for more than 10 years, such us candle holders, windlights, vases, drinking glasses, dinnerware, hand painted glass, etc. we enjoy a good reputation among our all clients, and we mainly export to european and american countries.

with a good qc team and proficient workers, your orders are guaranteed to be excellent quality and prompt shipment.

browse our showroom to see our designs and then contact us for more information.
contact us without any hesitation if you want glassware or you want a producer for your designs. you will be always assured of the best service. let’s set up a good business relationship through our kind cooperation.

shaanxi rehi import&export co.,ltd

add: room a-509, the east galaxy,no.190 shiyuanlu,710048,xian,china
tel: 86 29 82409102  86 29 82409806
fax: 86 29 82409103
e-mail: michael@mlglassware.com     陕icp备05004425号